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For example, the provinces and territories where nuclear power plants find have a reserve of medical resources adapted to radiological emergencies and intended for their population. Canada, through the RNSU of the Canada Public Health Agency, maintains a reserve of medical resources in order to provide national preparation and intervention capacity to the provinces and territories when their own resources are exhausted or when the required resources do not exist. The Canadian Armed Forces also have a reserve of antivirals against influenza in the event of an epidemic flambé and whose use is reserved for its members.

In addition, Canada collects data on the use of farm antimicrobials as part of the Sentinel Farms of the Integrated Canadian Resistance Supervisory Program for Antimicrobial Resistance. Canada has several surveillance systems to detect various pathogens resistant to antimicrobials designated as by WHO as a priority. These systems include the nine national surveillance programs of the Canada Public Health Agency which follow the use of antimicrobials and antimicrobial resistance in humans and animals. To counter the threat posed by resistance to antimicrobials in Canada, it is essential that federal, provincial and territorial governments, health professionals, university environment, industry, professional organizations (stakeholders in the health sectors human and animal) and the public are involved. These groups must collaborate as well as coordinate and use the activities carried out by all sectors in order to minimize duplications and create effective and sustainable solutions. The upper one represents the health portfolio and that below, the federal champions of the RSI.

federal, provincial and

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A small number of veterinarians have participated in the program as students or teachers since the creation of the program in 1975. In addition, the Directorate General for the Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases performs strategic and operational planning exercises each year to identify emerging risks and develop action plans in order to cope with it, such as the plan Zika virus action. Zoonoses are identified and classified in order of priority by means of a certain number of mechanisms, including public health governance structures, analyzes relating to programs, decision -making mechanisms and informal national working groups. The "a world, health" approach, which is essential for the prevention and control of zoonoses, is generally accepted in Canada. Some national strategies take into account the human-animal-environment interface, which promotes increased and improved collaboration between disciplines and sectors. In the context of the pan -Canadian action framework on antimicrobial resistance and the use of antimicrobials, Canada has established a base to determine and put in place measures aimed at meeting the main challenges in this regard. The next phase will focus on the development of a corresponding pan -Canadian action plan, which will expose the details of the concrete deliverables, the deadlines, the measurable results and the priorities, and which will allow progress to be followed.

Corrective measures specialists also offer their emergency services to give advice on emergency intervention procedures related to the transport of dangerous goods and be present on site. Health Canada will use exemplary practices for the formulation of advice and recommendations for decision -makers on the means of dealing with radiological emergencies not linked to PFUN. The provinces and territories have the main responsibility of imposing restrictions and organizing evacuations. Triggers of the measures provided for in the annex of the federal plan in the event of a nuclear emergency of the health portfolio are in particular public exposure to radiation requiring immediate coordinated intervention of health portfolio organizations.

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The network reacted to epidemics like SRAS, H1N1 flu, Ebola virus and Zika virus; He was also ready to react to pathogens who did not have serious repercussions in Canada (COV-SRMO, H7N9, H5N1, etc.)). In addition, the network is now working on the establishment and the implementation of a clear vision for the advancement of diagnostic technologies in Canada, which will include sequencing the whole genome and bio-informatics, as well as the transition to diagnostic tests not requiring culture, if necessary. As is the case for health care, the provision of health care for animals is largely part of the provinces and territories. Health Canada authorizes the sale of antimicrobials intended for use in animals, while the provinces and territories govern the distribution of antimicrobials and regulate the exercise of veterinary medicine.

A number of administrations have also set up control lists or standardized surveillance procedures. For example, Newfoundland and Labrador has developed such procedures based on the standards of the Institute for Quality Management in Healthcare. These activities are monitored by means of on -site inspections and certification and competence tests. Surveillance is ensured through the Institute for Quality Management in Healthcare, the Public Health Agency of Canada and other surveillance organizations. At the national level, standardized control lists are used for internal checks, external assessments and inspections.

When shipping, reception or supply contracts are implemented, safety assessments are carried out in order to identify and/or manage the security risks associated with the acquisition or deployment of precise medical resources. There are markets for certain medical means that quickly make changes to them or when no contract has been concluded, it is possible to set up emergency contractual procedures. In the case of pandemic influenza, a vaccine production contract was concluded with a Canadian manufacturer. If necessary, the Government of Canada will collaborate with provinces and territories with joint or coordinated supply efforts for specific medical means, including antivirals. Improvements are also necessary in the field of information exchange, both in terms of shipment and reception. In other cases, it is possible that a reception body does not know how to receive and process information or do not have the capacity to do so, or that it does not have the required safety authorizations. An agreement on shared risk assessments, concluded between the Canada Public Health Agency and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, is currently the subject of modifications.

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Although the PFUN has been approved by the general administrators of all the participating federal organizations, it is not provided for by a law. Consequently, federal ministries do not have explicitly mandated resources and responsibilities to exercise the pfun nuclear emergency functions which have been awarded to them. The CCSN issues permits and certificates for certain types of packages and for the transport of nuclear substances, under the packaging and transport of nuclear substances regulations . These regulations are based on the radioactive materials transportation regulations of the International Atomic Energy Agency. The Federal-Provincial-Territorial Coordination Committee for the management of radiological and nuclear emergencies. The responsibilities for each nuclear emergency function are awarded to the main ministries or organizations and support for the PFUN assessment group. Federal establishments assume roles and responsibilities that vary according to their capacities, their particular mandates and the nature of the emergency.

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A bidirectional arrow connects the “participation and representation FPT” box to a box on the right entitled "Provincial-Territorial Emergency Operations Centers" to underline the exchange of information between these entities. Support and coordination of communications on emergency risks and communications monitoring. In the regional offices of the ASPC, examinations after action are carried out after each exercise and event. Recommendations are recorded in reports after action, documents on learned lessons and improvement plans, depending on the scope and extent of the exercise or event. The recommendations are monitored and are implemented in accordance with improvement plans.

The provinces and territories have implemented measures to quickly grant special permissions to professionals with regard to the provision of care relating to their emergency in the event of an emergency. Although Canada has led negotiations concerning the ability to produce a pandemic influenza vaccine, the possibility of manufacturing medical resources during public health emergency would depend on the needs of the emergency and the capacity of the private sector to meet to defined needs. The Canada Public Health Agency would collaborate with its public service acquisition partners and supply Canada to inquire about availability on the market, in order to provide or produce the necessary medical resources in the event of an emergency of health health public. Although the Public Health Agency of Canada has played a leading role in the sponsorship of the provincial and territorial authorities of public health with regard to security authorizations, this responsibility remains limited to punctual working groups. Additional work aimed at integrating non -federal administrations into the security authorization process must be undertaken, but can only be carried out in a pace reflecting a better understanding of the responsibilities and limits inherent in the exchange of classified information.

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Manitoba province has a coordination plan for the fight against avian influenza, which brings together the authorities of public health, management of health emergencies, the application of the law and animal health to intervene collectively In the event of an epidemic flambé of avian influenza in the province. The Canada Public Health Agency has concluded an agreement with a private member of the Canadian Community of Security and Intelligence, which gives it access to classified information from several Federal Security Authorities in Canada. In Canada, the Information Communication Law relating to Canada's security provides for a national legislative mechanism for the exchange of information between members of the Canadian Community of Security and Intelligence, including the 'Canada Public Health Agency.

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Campylobacter clinical samples taken from humans are collected for antimicrobial resistance tests as part of a partnership with a sentry surveillance program called Foodnet Canada. The Canada National RSI Focal point coordinates the implementation of the RSI on behalf of the Government of Canada. The National RSI Focal Point is an implementation center that provides strategic advice and recommendations, performs representation activities, gives training and aware of stakeholders. In addition, it coordinates surveillance and evaluation activities related to RSI, including the presentation of annual reports to the World Health Assembly on behalf of the Government of Canada.